The Bow Island area has much to offer the passing visitor.

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Accredited Visitor Information Center

Stay tuned for the date of our 2019 OPENING season.

Come to the Bow Island Visitor Information Center! Located on Highway 3 at 206 7 Avenue. You can not miss Pinto Macbean! There is an abundance of information for travelers and lots to learn about our community. Open May long weekend to September long weekend.

Local Business to Check Out!

  • DTSC & LTAC (Essential Oil Processing Plants)
  • Corraini Essential Oils - PH: 403-502-3286
  • Viterra Bow Island Bean Plant (Dry Edible Beans)
  • Irrigation System

There are also many fun local sights to see as well such as:

  • The Town Mascot - Pinto MacBean
  • The SPITZ Sunflower
  • Oil Derrick
  • World's Largest Putter
  • See the Buffalo mounted atop of a weather vane

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