Blues at the Bow

in the historic Bow Theatre - Bow Island, Alberta Canada - the house is a down-home club in the tradition of juke joints of old. Crankin’ out rockin’ live blues, many times along with an opening acoustic set; Blues at the Bow has garnered the distinction of being a listener’s venue, as well as a dance-party haven with it’s frequent double-billed shows.

Blues at the Bow opens it’s doors to national and international-level artists and it’s history of sold-out performances, along with high praise from the Musicians alike, attests to the magic of the place. A balcony, three-tiered levels of table and chair seating and the sunken, infamous ‘sloped’ dance floor, provides excellent sightlines. On site, a state-of-the-art sound system that is second to none.

We invite you to join us for all of our upcoming performances. “There’s always a good show ... at The Bow!”

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